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Soul Of San Clemente

Soul Of San Clemente
By Larry Beard

"Soul Of San Clemente"
The "Soul Of San Clemente” art piece really taps into the laid-back soulful feel of the small town of San Clemente. It has been featured on the cover of the San Clemente Journal magazine. Having the iconic Tower Zero lifeguard headquarters of the wooden San Clemente Pier is a key element.

Larry stated “I have been trying to get a shot like this for years, but have found it to be so difficult. So many elements had to line up to make this unique image. And adding to the emotion of this piece is the youthful talented surfer Bradley Ewart.

This vertical HD Aluminum is ultra high resolution and was shot on the Canon 5dsr 50 mega pixel camera. The detail and clarity is unparalleled.

Limited Edition of 50
Current Edition Number Available 2 of 50

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