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Big Island Paradise

Big Island Paradise

"Big Island Paradise"

I had been wanting to go visit my son Jeremy on the Big Island of Hawaii for quite some time. Well recently (July 2018) I had a quick window to do so. He was staying over on the north east side in one of the valleys. The hike in was crazy. A 2500 foot decent on one of the steepest roads in the entire US. But it was worth every step. Black sand beach with heavy shore break. Super green lush valley walls and a water color to die for. I was only there for 4 days, but that time with my son was the best trip I had ever had in Hawaii. And I have been over there close to 20 times.

In this photo is the north side of the valley. The valley wall you see is a staggering 3500 feet high. Here in California the sand is a yellowish tan color which gives the water a greenish tint. Being over black sand, this water had the most amazing color of blue. That set against the lush green for the valley walls was stunning.

"Big Island Paradise will be a Limited Edition. We will only print 75 sized art pieces.
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