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San Clemente Pier Rainbow

“Picking a Name From Name Suggestions”
By Larry Beard

San Clemente Pier with a good rainbow has been a 20 year chase for Larry. Larry stated "Seeing this brought tears to my eyes. Not only because it was fulfilling a dream of mine, but also to see such beauty created by God. I was in awe. This is one of my fav photographs I have ever taken."

Larry shot 3 photos and stitched them together to fit the entire sceen in this stunning panoramic photo. A perfect art piece for those who love the pier and rainbows.

Limited Edition of 90
Current Edition Number Available 1 of 90

Available Sizes

Please contact us to order your desired piece or with any questions.
Catrina at [email protected] or 949-291-1358

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San Clemente Pier Rainbow